Fragile X Syndrome – Speech and Language Symptoms

One of the characteristics of individuals with Fragile X Syndrome is having difficulty with speech and language.

Children with Fragile X

One of the milestones that children with Fragile X may have difficulty with is language. They may face very mild to severe problems with the basic language skills, which includes their ability to use words, pronounce them clearly, to speak and write without grammar mistakes, and to communicate well in a meaningful way.

Some Fragile X children may face severe language problems, thus they begin to talk at a later stage than expected. Most kids may start using words at around age 4, but some kids are unable to talk until age 6 or 8. Some individuals with Fragile X may never be able to talk.

Fragile X in Women

Most of the Fragile X women have only slight difficulties with language or speech. Most of them have language, grammar, and vocabulary skills which are apt for their age. They can be helpful in learning, reading, and writing. But their communication may not be good, as they feel more anxious and shy in any social meeting. The most common effect of Fragile X women is that they often speak in a disorganized way, or may get off the subject.

Fragile X in Men

The effect of Fragile X in men shows very serious problems. They may have difficulty or trouble with speaking and expressing themselves. They may have difficulty in speaking clearly, and may also display mild to severe problems with language.

Fragile X men have many problems with vocal processes (like tone, pitch, and loudness), movements that are required for a clear speech, and coordinating the structure. They usually have difficulty in receiving, storing, and processing the verbal information, This includes storing words or information for future use, following the verbal directions, and creating or responding to comments or questions.

Fragile X men may stutter or discontinue the use of words to form a sentence. They may make sounds of the words, and repeat the same sentence or restart it many times or may repeat the same question. Some of them may mumble, or talk too fast, or speak in a high pitch and loud voice. These difficulties are caused due to social anxiety or sensory overload, and not by the parts of the brain  that control speech and language.

Difficulties for Fragile X in Men

  • Fragile X men have difficulty in using the language and speech in a social context.
  • They may often seem to be unaware of the other conversational clues, like tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions.
  • They may not be able give answer to a question, or may speak off the subject. They may also turn away because they are not sure about the context.
  • They tend to be very interested while communicating, but due to social anxiety and sensory load they may stop a conversation.

A wide range of computer-based, and generic gestures may help these individuals communicate. They can also benefit from picture-based subjects and sign language, which. helps to reduce the behavior difficulties in them that result from the nonverbal act.

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