Fragile X Syndrome – Cure and Treatments

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), which is a part of the National Institute of Health (NIH), is doing research work on Fragile X Syndrome. The institute is trying to find a cure or treatment for Fragile X.. The NICHD and NIH are providing funds to various clinicians and researchers who are working on Fragile X Syndrome.

Cure for Fragile X Syndrome

Researchers are doing a steady work on the Fragile X Syndrome and continuing to gain knowledge of Fragile X, its characteristics, and functions. But, they still have not found the cure for Fragile X Syndrome.

Treatment for Fragile X Syndrome

Presently, there is no accurate, single procedure, or medication to treat Fragile X Syndrome. But, there are many different ways to help reduce and minimize Fragile X Syndrome symptoms. Kids can utilize their skills and abilities completely with the help of appropriate education, medication, and physical or behavioral therapies. Even the individuals who have significant mental retardation, along with Fragile X Syndrome, can learn to master self-help skills.

When to begin the treatment for Fragile X Syndrome?

The most important factor is to begin the treatment or other therapies as early as possible to develop the kids’ long-term potential. As soon as a kid begins to get the help, they get more learning opportunity to complete their tasks in time. As a young kid’s brain is still in the formation process, early education helps them to develop their full potential.

Even if a person is diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, you can start the treatment as soon as possible, because it is never late to benefit from treatment. Just after the diagnosis, you can consult the doctor and begin the treatment for Fragile X Syndrome, as it helps to reduce and minimize the symptoms.

What are the treatments for Fragile X syndrome?

There are many options to treat Fragile X Syndrome, some of them are listed below:

  • Educational options
  • Therapeutic options
  • Medication options

These treatment options can be used for every individual with Fragile X Syndrome to reduce their symptoms. Thus, to follow these treatments, you need to consult the doctor or a medical professional to get complete guidance about the treatment.

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