Fragile X Syndrome-Treatment with Therapeutic Options

Fragile X Syndrome, which is also called as Fragile X, shows various symptoms. There is no cure for the condition. But, there are treatments that can help to minimize the symptoms. Thus, Fragile X Syndrome can be treated with the therapeutic options.

Therapeutic options

There are many different categories of professionals who can help the Fragile X individuals and their families to deal with the disorder’s symptoms. Thus, their assistance will be more effective on Fragile X individuals, when provided by experienced health care professionals.

  • Speech-language therapists

They can be very helpful for Fragile X individuals who have speech and language problems. They help them to improve their verbal ability, such as pronunciation of sentences and words, to effectively use the language, and to slow down the speech. They may help the kid practice the use of language in a meaningful way, by providing social or problem-solving situations.

These types of specialists, along with other specialists, can help an individual who has failed to develop the functional speech to communicate in a nonverbal way. Thus, these kids are able to communicate with the help of pictures or cards arranged on a ring, or with a hand-held computer, which is programmed to tell phrases or words when a key is pressed.

  • Occupational Therapists

These types of therapists help to adjust and find ways for tasks or conditions to make up an individual’s abilities and needs. For example, they teach and help a parent to calm a Fragile X, kid either by massaging or swaddling.  The therapists may also find a computer mouse, pencil or a keyboard that  is specially designed for a kid with poor motor control grip. For a Fragile X teenager, the occupational therapist can also help to find a career, skill, or job of their capabilities and interest.

  • Physical therapists

These therapists design exercises and activities for a Fragile X individual to build up the motor control, thus to improve their balance and posture. They may teach them to exercise the body muscles. At a school level, a physical therapist can help the individuals who avoid body contact or who are over-stimulated to participate in games and sports with other kids.

  • Behavioral Therapists

These therapists try to recognize why a kid behaves or acts in a negative way, and later try to prevent these upsetting situations. These specialists also find useful responses with the help of parents and teachers about the undesirable and desirable behavior. Hormonal changes during puberty may also cause hormonal changes in the individual that can lead to aggression.

These special services may be available to individuals with Fragile X at their pre-school, elementary school, middle school and high school.  In these services, several specialists work together to evaluate individual weaknesses and strengths. But, these services are usually free. There are many private clinics that provide intense and individualized care, but you need to pay for the services.

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