What are the Causes for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Scientists are unable to find the appropriate causes for ADHD. However, after many studies they have suggested that genes play a big role in the incidence of this disorder. ADHD, like other illnesses, may also result from a combination of various other factors. These may include environmental factors, nutrition, brain injuries and genetics to find the cause of ADHD.


Genes are inherited from parents by the kids. These are the ‘blueprints’ that determine the health of the kid. Several international studies on twins and other kids showed that ADHD generally runs in families. Thus, researchers are studying to find the genes responsible for causing ADHD.

In a National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) research study, it was observed that kids with ADHD carry some particular version of genes that develop thinner tissues in a part of the brain which is associated with attention. But, as the kids grew, the thickness of the tissue increased to the normal level and their ADHD symptoms also improved.

Environmental Factors

Studies show that there is a potential link between the environment and a kid’s development. During pregnancy, if the mother drinks excess alcohol and / or smokes cigarettes, then the kid may be born with ADHD. In addition, if the pregnant woman or if the baby is exposed to poisons such as lead, then there are higher risks of them developing ADHD.


Research doesn’t support the idea that sugar (refined) causes ADHD and worsens the condition. In one study, the researches supplied the children with foods containing sugar substitute or sugar on every other day. Thus, the kids who received foods containing sugar showed no learning disabilities or behavioral changes than those kids who received sugar substitute foods. In another study, the kids were given more than average quantity of sugar substitute or sugar, which showed similar results.

Food Additives

Recent research in Britain reveals a possible link between certain food additives such as preservatives or artificial colors. Thus, they are continuing the research to find how these additives affect hyperactivity.

Brain Injuries

Kids who have a brain injury may sometimes show similar behaviors similar those with ADHD. But, only a very small percentage of kids with ADHD have suffered traumatic brain injury.

Thus, these are some causes of ADHD that may be avoided with a little care. But, research on the genes that particularly cause ADHD is under study.

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