Vision Impairment Problems

Vision impairment is associated with many other problems, some vision problems, like poor eye sight, can be corrected with the help of contact lenses or glasses.

Vision Impairment:

In this condition, normal vision is either prevented or reduced in one eye or both eyes. Vision impairment has many problems, such as monocular (having normal vision in only one eye), hypermetropia (far-sighted), myopia (near-sighted) or strabismus (a turned eye).

Thus, people who have eye sight problems can often correct the problem with contact lenses or glasses. But others have serious vision problems which cannot be corrected either with contact lenses or glasses.

Some of those serious vision problems are listed below:


This is a condition where the lens within the eye becomes very cloudy. Thus, individuals who have cataracts lose clear vision and may become sensitive to light.

Optic nerve damage:

In this condition, the nerves that are involved in vision are damaged. Persons who develop optic nerve damage may lose their vision field. Glaucoma is one of the conditions which causes optic nerve damage.


This is an inherited condition which affects clear vision. It also causes sensitivity to direct sunlight and other bright lights.

Macular Degeneration:

In this condition, damage occurs to a small area of the retina within the eye which allows for the ability to see fine details and color.


It involves involuntary repetitive movements of the eyes; for example, flicking of the eyes.

Retinitis Pigmentosa:

In this condition, the vision field is reduced and causes the condition to become worse.

Lisher’s Syndrome:

It is a genetic disorder which includes retinitis pigmentosa and hearing loss.

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP):

This is a condition that develops in some premature babies. During birth, when some premature babies are treated with oxygen, it causes damage to the retina, which results in retinopathy of prematurity.

Some of these conditions can develop due to various reasons and may become worse. However, the vision level and some other vision impairment problems can be controlled with the guidance of a doctor.

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