Vision Impairment Causes and Treatment

Vision impairment can occur due to various causes, and treatment, within time, can control the condition. Thus, it is important to have treatment for any condition to avoid further disabilities and negative effects.

Any condition which prevents normal vision either in one or both the eyes is called a vision impairment or damage. It mostly occurs due to the damage of the nerves, which are associated with vision or the parts of the eye. It may also occur due to various diseases and accidents.

Vision impairment causes

There are many different causes of vision damage or loss ,which affect different sections of the eye.

  • Vision impairment may be congenital (present from birth).
  • It can also be due to illness, accidents, or diseases.
  • Some individuals may inherit genetic conditions, like Retinitis pigmentosa, albinism, or usher’s syndrome, which cause vision impairment.
  • Trachoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and amblyopia are some of the causes of vision impairment.
  • Some other disabilities may also factor in, such as epilepsy, Down syndrome, and intellectual disabilities which are associated with the vision impairment.
  • Some types of vision problems, if not treated, can cause permanent vision damage.

Treatment for vision impairment:

Treatments for some types of vision impairment are available, including surgery.


Then a person has cataract, then the cloudy lens can be removed and replaced with an artificial lens through surgery. Thus, after the surgery, they can also have normal vision with help of contact lenses and glasses.

  • There are some vision therapies which are effective in treatment.
  • Degenerative conditions like retinitis pigmentation cannot be cured.
  • Thus, it is best to consult an eye specialist as they will be able to diagnose the condition and provide the best treatment.

At any point if there’s an infection or injury to the eye, then it is most important to consult an eye specialist. They will be helpful in diagnosing the condition and able to give the best treatment for the condition.

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