Activities for Vision Impaired Kids—Sensory Activities

Visually impaired kids require more activities to learn and to build their sensory aspects. Some of the activities include sensory activities, motor activities, science activities, play, cooking activities, and field trips. Thus, the sensory activities for vision impaired kids are listed below.

Sensory activities

Some of the sensory activities include the use of senses to hear, touch, see, smell, taste, etc.


Make a habit of listening to stories, playing games (‘Simon Says’), music, or singing songs with actions or using instruments. Take them outdoors and help them listen to sounds like birds voices, waterfalls, airplanes, motors, and other animals sounds.


Place different cloth textures on their skin and/or place different objects and materials to help them learn about the different kinds of feeling, such as rough, hard, soft, smooth, picky, bumpy, furry, etc. Sort shapes blindfolded or by touch to build the senses to different objects.


Talking them about what objects and things look like, about their shape, size, color, texture, weight, etc,. Tell them to compare the things and objects in the environment which resemble with shapes like square, rectangles, triangles, circles. While making them to learn to understand, place light background with dark subjects.


Before eating, let them smell the food so that they build the sense of smell and can learn to identify the smell. Help them learn about how things smell bad or good. Place different materials and foods and tell them to identify the smell. Point out some specific smells while walking near a bakery or a hotel or before serving the food.


Make different tasting foods so that they can learn to differentiate the foods with tastes like sweet, sour, salty, spicy, etc. Limit foods with the similar tastes and play tasting games with kids.

Make sure that your kids are learning some of these things in their daily activities. Involve them in various activities, as kids’ brains are in the development process, and the learning ability helps to build their potential.

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