Safety Measures for Your Baby Formula and Bottle

Feeding baby from a bottle requires attention to strict hygiene procedures . When bottle feeding you need to ensure the safety of your baby formula and bottle before use. Breast milk may be best for baby, but if you want to give breast milk or formula in a bottle, then there are some guidelines to follow to guarantee that the bottle and accessories are free from germs.


Use nipples that are safe and have been proven not to cause allergic reactions. Avoid using latex rubber nipples, as they can cause allergic reactions in some babies and may even contain impurities which have been linked to cancer scares.


Do not use plastic bottles that are clear and hard and marked with PC or a 7. This is because they have been shown to contain a toxic chemical substance called bis-phenol A or BPA. This chemical can leak into the breast milk and formula at high temperatures. Only use plastic bottles that are certified BPA free, or better still use glass bottles which are known to be safest.

Plastic bottle liners:

These plastic liners are soft and may leak chemical substances into breast milk and formula, especially when heated. Only use these plastic bottle liners when you really have no other choice as regular use can be harmful for your baby.


Use bottled water or water that has been either filtered or boiled and cooled. This helps to kill the germs present in water. If your water contains fluoride then you can use a reverse osmosis filter to remove fluoride when reconstituting the formula, but the American Dental Association advises avoiding its use as a minute amount of fluoride is good for your baby’s future dental health. If your water doesn’t contain fluoride then you can use a carbon filter. If you prefer to use bottled water for your baby then make sure that it is approved for babies and doesn’t contain too much sodium or magnesium.


Avoid buying baby formula in metal cans, as once again they have been known to leak the toxic chemical substance BPA into the formula. Only use brands which have a low-risk for BPA in the powdered formula.


Avoid using microwave ovens for heating plastic bottles, as they have some disadvantages. They may heat the milk unevenly and can also cause toxic chemicals to leak into the formula from the plastic bottle. It is better to use hot water in a pan to warm up bottles.

It is important that you use only good quality formula or milk without any chemicals that can be bad for your baby. By following the above guidelines before using formula and a bottle will be safe for your baby. Make sure that before using any products you check the labels carefully for harmful substances and expiry dates.

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