Foods to Avoid Giving to Babies Before OneYear

Young babies have a small appetite that is proportional to their size and their system is not capable of digesting all kinds of foods. There are certain foods that are not recommended for babies under the age of one year. At first the foods given to babies should be easy on their digestive system and, of course, nutritious and healthy. Some foods are not digested properly by young babies and should be avoided.

The foods to be avoided for babies who are younger than twelve months are listed below.

Cow’s milk, evaporated milk or goat’s milk:

Do not include these types of milk in your young child’s diet as they don’t have the amount of iron your baby requires, and are not easily digested by young babies.

Sugary drinks:

Avoid giving fruit juice, fruit drinks, sodas, or any other liquid apart from water and breast milk or formula. Fruit juices don’t do particular harm but your young baby does not need them although a teaspoonful can given from time to time. Other liquids like refined fruit drinks, soda or beverages such as tea don’t have any nutrients for babies, and are not good for them. Drinking sugary beverages can also lead to dental problems in the future.

Unpasteurized milk:

If you do feed your baby with cow’s milk do not give unpasteurized milk, as it contain many germs that his or her body is not ready to fight. Pasteurized milk has been treated to kill germs so is a safer choice

Eggs, corn syrup, or honey:

Eggs, and especially egg yolk, are not recommended for babies under the age of one as they can be a source of allergies. Avoid giving raw foods to a baby who is beginning to eat solid food. The first vegetables and fruit you give to baby need to be cooked well and pureed before feeding, or mashed as baby grows older.

Avoid adding cereal:

Do not add cereal until your caregiver or doctor advises you to do so. If you include cereal in the breast milk or formula, you baby may drink less of it. It may also cause them to gain too much weight and cause digestive problems.

Avoid hard foods:

Do not include hard foods in your baby’s diet as he or she cannot chew them yet and may choke on them. Also they will not be digested properly. Avoid foods like uncooked vegetables, raw fruit, grapes, seeds, popcorn, raisins, and sticky foods like peanut butter before the age of one.

Avoid adding salt and sugar:

Young babies do not need to have their food adjusted with salt or sugar. All flavors are new to them and they have very sensitive taste buds. Avoiding adding salt or sugar is a good habit that could last a lifetime.

Avoid giving water in a bottle:

Your baby gets all the hydration he or she needs from the milk you are using and it is of no benefit to give water unless the weather is particularly hot and baby is at a risk of dehydration..

The above is a non-exhaustive list of things you should avoid giving to your baby from the time of birth until the age of one year. Once the one year milestone has been passed, you can gradually introduce all of these things.

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