Tips to Prevent Baby Choking Accidents

One of the significant causes of injury and death in babies is by choking. This kind of accident is one that commonly occurs at home, for example if baby swallows a small toy or part of a toy belonging to an older sibling. It is important to prevent the risk of baby choking accidents by being careful about the things that your child has access to.

There are some simple steps which are easy to follow to prevent baby choking accidents:

  • Remove any small objects that could be easily swallowed accidentally by your baby. Go through your house and put small objects such as marbles, buttons, coins or refrigerator magnets out of reach.
  • Avoid buying toys that have small parts or that can easily come apart, as babies could well put them into their mouths. Don’t buy toys that present a choking hazard. Make sure that you check the labels for recommended age of use before buying.
  • Buttons that are loose on your child’s dress or clothes should be stitched properly to avoid any risk of their falling off and being swallowed. Store sewing kits and spare buttons out of the reach of children.
  • Babies cannot eat certain foods, especially under the age of 3. You need to avoid giving young children hard or chewy foods such as nuts, grapes, popcorn, chewing gum or toffees.
  • Cut a young child’s food into small pieces and mash it properly, so that it becomes easy to swallow.
  • Avoid clothing that has studs, drawstrings or decorative buttons. These items may present a choking hazard if baby swallows them.
  • Make sure that your young child doesn’t sleep under blankets and get tangled in them as this may hamper his or her breathing.
  • Make sure that that they are no electric wires, phone leads or other hangings where children play as they can put them in their mouths or around their necks.
  • Very young children aren’t aware of what they can and cannot eat and they have a tendency to put everything in their mouths. Make sure that you keep tablets and pills out of the reach of children. Never lead children to think that medicine is candy.

It is our duty as parents to keep an eye on our children. While we cannot keep watch over them 24 hours a day and accidents do happen, we can make every effort to ensure that they live in a safe environment, free from accidental choking hazards.

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