Love and Logic in Parenting

Parenting is all about learning to deal with your child. Every parent believes that he or she knows how to deal best with their children but parenting also requires some extra skills to positively understand and solve the problems that a child may be having. Avoiding conflict is helpful in developing a strong bond between parents and children. Parenting is all about dealing with children’s issues with love and logic. Yelling and scolding will only create a gap between parent and child.

Categories of Parents

There are many hormonal changes that take place in children as part of growing up. These can lead to sudden changes in behavior. Parents are made aware of all this in parenting sessions and articles. Parents are generally categorized into two different categories: helicopter parents and drill sergeant parent as outlined by Foster Cline and Jim Fay in the book Parenting with Love & Logic. Parenting sessions and books generally have the goal of helping parents find skilful ways to deal with their children.

Helicopter Parents

These parents are always hovering around their children. They think that by protecting their child they are expressing their love and affection, but in fact these parents are encouraging their child to be shy and timid. These kind of parents are overprotective of their child in the face of friends, teachers and almost every person in contact with their children. Children of such parents face difficulties in their college and later on in their adult life. They may find it difficult to face challenges in life on their own.

Drill Sergeant Parents

These parents are over disciplining parents who are always trying to make their child behave exactly as they want. They insist about what is right and wrong for their children. They make decisions for their children. These parents are also encouraging their child to be shy and timid. When children of such parents grow up and have to face problems on their own, they find it difficult to decide what is the right choice for them.

These two kinds of parents are too invested in their child’s life and do not help in making their child independent. This will lead to difficulties in facing challenges in later life. The best way is to demonstrate the difference between right and wrong to the child and then let the child decide what he or she wants alone. Childhood represents a critical stage in life when the groundwork is laid for adulthood, so it is important that parents be close to their children, offering support when it is needed, without making their child dependent on them.

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