How Dads can Make Stronger Bonds with their Children

It is often supposed that a mother is the closest parent to a young child. After all, in many cases, it is always Mom who is around and the children spend most of their time w her. Now nobody doubts that fathers love their children just as much as mothers do, but for different reasons, often professional obligations, they have less time to spend with their children and this can lead to a gap between children and their dads. In this article, we give advice about a few steps that can be taken that will help dad make up for lost time.

First of all, never try to be the perfect dad and that goes for the moms, too. There is nothing like learning from one’s mistakes. Don’t constantly try to be a role model but try to be a problem solver. For example, you can make a small mistake and then say something that shows that you are willing to learn from that mistake. Children often copy their parent when it comes to behavior, so a good dad should always be human and approachable.

Let your child make mistakes

It is better that your child make some small mistakes in childhood rather than big ones when he/she grows up. Give your child an opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. See to it that you give your child space to grow through his/her mistakes.

When your child does do something wrong, try not to spread blame or yell at him or her because of it. Always try to be an understanding parent. It is very important to show affection and empathy even if your child has done wrong. It is important to make him/her realize that he/she has done wrong, but empathy is equally important, This will create a bond of trust and understanding between parent and child.

Give the same opportunities to your child next time. This will bring your child a sense of responsibility and you can be pretty sure that he/she won’t get it wrong a second time. It is also very important that this should all be done in a very positive way. Nagging and scolding will discourage your child from improving.

These are just a few basic steps to help your child grow well. They will develop your child’s self esteem and create a sense of responsibility in your child. More than this, the main positive effect will be the creation of a bond of trust, love and respect between a father and his child.

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