Adolescence Issues

Adolescence is the difficult transition age between childhood and adulthood. During adolescence, many physical, emotional and mental changes take place in your child. As a child grows, parents, family, friends and all the other people around the adolescent start expecting better and more mature behavior from him/her. Every person has his/her own pace of growth and development that depends on many things, including the surrounding people and the culture in which he/she lives. Though every adolescent has his/her unique growth, issues and challenges, there are a few basic things that are common to almost all adolescents.

What Does the Research Say?

  • Research tells us that in adolescence the young person becomes more responsible and expects respect from adults.
  • Most of the behavioral changes occurring during adolescence are a direct result of his/her physical development and similar reactions can be seen in most adolescents.
  • Adulthood and childhood are almost the same in terms of their development, but during adolescence decision making is poorer than in adulthood.
  • As they reach adulthood the adolescent starts to understand what they want from life and how to work to get it.

What Changes Take Place in Adolescence?

Physical changes:

  • In adolescence there are many physical changes that take place, including the maturing of the reproductive organs. There is often a period  of rapid growth.
  • This is the time when a child starts to turn into an adult. Due to this adolescents can get very sensitive about their looks.
  • The level of self esteem becomes highest during adolescence.
  • Teens develop the capacity of abstract thinking.
  • As a child the teen had a simple way of thinking which is now turning into a more reasoned way of thinking, like an adult.
  • They start to understand that what exists or can be seen is just one facet of life and that there is much that is unseen.
  • They start thinking about abstract ideas like love, trust and religion.

Mental changes:

These are some of the basic changes in an adolescent which can be the cause of some major issues and which may need some proper parental care and handling. At this age it is very important that the adolescent has someone to turn to and to watch over him/her as it is at this age that the adolescent can get into trouble.

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