What are the Warning Signs for Teen Suicide

There is an alarming increase in the number of teenagers attempting suicide and succeeding. A majority of these teens end up in depression or with another psychological disorder that plays a major role in taking the decision to commit suicide. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the most common cause of death among 15 to 24 year old. Parents of these teens may have seen the red alert signs that herald teenage suicide.

Warning Signs

Parents should look out for various warning signs.If your teen has feelings of worthlessness and depression, then it definitely means there is something seriously wrong. The red alert signs of teenage suicide include:

  • Talking morbidly about death and suicide
  • Neglecting one’s appearance
  • Complaining of fatigue, sadness and emptiness
  • Not responding to praise
  • Loss of interest in recreational and fun activities
  • Verbal hints like “I won’t be a problem any longer”.
  • Throwing away important possessions.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Indigestion and changes in weight.
  • Physical signs like bodily aches and pains.
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Aggressive expressions of anger and hatred.
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • Social withdrawal
  • Signs of hallucinations and weird ideas.

Preventing Teen Suicide

  • Immediate help should be sought by consulting a Mental Health Care Professional.
  • This is a must in most of cases ranging from moderate to severe.
  • Psychological evaluation along with appropriate medications in a timely manner is crucial for a person in this situation.
  • Parents should keep an eye on their teenagers and try to influence their distorted feelings about life and bring back the joy, hope and vigor that they have lost.
  • Help them to open up and give them the freedom to express their feelings openly.
  • Show that there are many people to whom he/she can turn for help.
  • Do not leave the person alone under any circumstances.
  • Reassure them that such feelings will only last for a short time.
  • Try to keep things like blades, medications and guns away from his/her reach.
  • Tell the person you are available whenever he/she wants to talk or express their feelings.
  • The only thing that helps them to figure out a way that has a healing effect is by convincing them that some one is there to help.

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