Common Parenting Issues

As parents you may hear stories from other parents who say that their children are perfect angels who never fight, speak out of turn or pull their brother or sister’s hair. When you hear such stories, you might think of your long list of parenting issues. You may find yourself asking questions like what is happening to your kids or wondering what you are doing wrong, but the truth is that parents need to learn to deal with and accept a certain number of truths, the fist being that nobody is perfect. Here are some of the most common issues that parents find it difficult to overcome. They include:

Tantrums in Public

Children usually outgrow tantrums and they learn how to do this with the help of loving caregivers and parents. This does not happen by itself and if this problem is not checked, then your kid may turn into a petulant child, a demanding teenager, and finally a stubborn adult. Some children throw themselves to the ground and cry in public places, screaming and kicking when told to stop. It can be very difficult to deal with tantrums, but stay calm and make it very clear that he or she must stop be ready to face the consequences. If the child does not stop, then simply pick up your child and leave, whether it be in a restaurant, at the movies or in a store. Initially this can turn out to be expensive, inconvenient and embarrassing, but once your child sees that you really are serious, then the tantrums should rapidly become fewer and fewer.

Physical Violence

Physical violence is usually seen in children in the form of hair pulling, biting, kicking, hitting or shoving. Children need to learn that this behavior is totally unacceptable and there can be severe consequences. These small acts of violence or aggression are a sign of frustration. Many children find they have no other option than to express their frustration by lashing out at people that they feel or believe to be causing them pain. Ask the child why he or she is so angry and what can be done to remove the frustration. In many cases, the children simply wants attention and a watchful eye and some positive parenting can go a long way. This attitude can make a child feel better and reduce the levels of frustration.


When your child lies to you, it is always painful. It is very difficult if you discover that your child is lying at school or in social situations. When you catch your children out, tell them that you love them even when they make mistakes. Reward a child who is making an effort to be honest and try not to over discipline whenever you can. Teach your child the importance of being truthful when dealing with adults, teachers and friends who believe what they say.

These are common problems that every parent faces at one time or another, but when they are dealt with properly and patiently, you will see big changes in your child.


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