What is the solution for bad behavior in children?

Why do children misbehave and is it the fault of the parents that some children just behave badly as they grow up? These day, parents sometimes feel that they have to make friends with their children, but in reality children like it that their parents know how to say no when necessary. They want you to stop them when they are doing wrong as this teaches them how to live the right way.


Have you wondered why your children cry when they don’t get their own way and when you want them to behave in a certain way? You need to help them realize that you want you to teach them and that you care about them and want them to learn how to survive in normal society. You need to be direct and clear regarding the consequences that a child will face if he/she misbehaves or disobeys.
If you are not firm in your choice of discipline, then your child will not learn acceptable  behavior. Do not  let your child get used to getting what he or she wants all the time. This can spoil children into thinking that all they have to do is cry or scream in order to get what they want.

What is the Solution?

  • You need to teach your children that they will not get what they want until they behave properly.
  • This will help them learn to act the way you need them to.
  • If you really love your children, then learn to say no to them when it matters.
  • Instructions can be given to them about how to behave properly in public and also at home.
  • If they fail to follow the instructions then put their favorite toy on the shelf or don’t let them participate in the activity.
  • When they realise that you are serious, then they will try to be obedient.
  • They may scream and challenge you at first, but it is important not to give in.
  • Children need to respect their parents and if there is discipline in their lives, it does not mean that they will love you less.

Always remember that changes do not happen overnight. As a parent you need to be patient and should take responsibility to teach your child what he or she needs to know to survive and function well in society. You have to teach children what to do in each phase of life. If you teach your child from an early stage, it is really a worthy effort, because when you sow the seeds of goodness, discipline and other good character traits, you yourself will reap the benefits.

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