Teen Idols and Self-Esteem

This type of obsession with teen idols can affect the child’s self-esteem which can be a devastating experience. Keep an eye on your child and especially the TV shows that they watch. Maybe your teenager idolizes a celebrity, and to some extent it may be regarded as normal, but if it goes too far it can be harmful. When it turns from admiring to obsession it can hurt the child, so how do you know when your child’s interest in celebrities is becoming unhealthy? The first thing is to identify the problem.

Signs of Obsession to Teen Idols

Here are a few signs that a child’s interest in a celebrity may have gone too far. They include:


He or she is not in the world of reality and has trouble relating to friends, peers, and family members. They fantasize about their idol and imagine of becoming a part of it that person’s world, which can lead to an inability in facing the actualities of real life, which in comparison to their dreams, looks unappealing and dull.

Poor eating or Body Image:

Hollywood is a town in which celebrities must look a certain way. Actors, actresses, and musicians are, for some reason, held to a standard which says that they have to be a certain weight or dress a certain way. This leads teens to believe that they have to hold themselves to the same standards, and care less about health and more about being thin and beautiful. Thereby opening the flood gates to anorexia or bulimia.

Low self-esteem and self-confidence:

These teens try to compare their lives with their celebrity idols. When they do, and don’t see what they want to see, they get disappointed. The teen may become jealous of others, feel bad about his or herself and has trouble seeing their own worth.

Fails to meet Responsibilities:

Teens, who are obsessed with celebrities, usually place their other responsibilities aside. Chores, homework, and other extracurricular activities can become less important. They virtually spend time with their celebrity of choice by hearing or seeing them.

Disrespect to parents, coaches, teachers, their friends, and they show less interest in their real life, are also signs that the obsession may be becoming harmful. When you detect these signs, immediate correction is needed because it can interfere with their normal lives.

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