The Problems of Sharing Authority in Step Parenting

Step parenting is not an easy task and becoming a step parent can place you in difficult situations between the biological parent and the children. You need to understand what you are getting into and handle each situation with great care. Each problem that arises with step parenting can be solved, but it depends on the level of cooperation that you receive from the biological parent as well as the children.

Tips to Solve Problems related to Step-Parenting

Some of the secrets to successful step parenting include:

  • Establishing a role with the biological parent. Make sure you know your role as a step parent, what decisions you will be making as well as how to handle certain situation like disciplining the child.
  • Adjustments will take time and needs to be handled with a step by step approach. If you try to force the situation or attempt to rush things, then it may lead to frustration and cause even more problems.
  • The biological parent may develop a level of discomfort, as he or she might need time to adjust and develop the trust and confidence in you as a parent to his or her children.
  • Children often resent when they are guided or disciplined by someone other than their parent, In these situations, developing a good rapport with the children in a necessity.
  • Not only do the parents need time to adjust. The children will also need a bit of a grace period when it comes to accepting a new person in their lives.
  • Step parenting should start on a clear and frank note by agreeing to and discussing the roles with both of the parties.
  • These discussions should take place upfront, but you will also need to talk very frequently to make sure that everyone is satisfied with how things are running.
  • After an agreement is set, make sure the children understand the role each parent will play. This step should be initially led by the biological parent.
  • This discussion should not be introduces as a law to be imposed on children, but allow them to express their own views and thoughts. This will give the child a sense of control and will also make them more comfortable with the changes being made. Try to ensure that they understand the situation and are happy.
  • The ultimate decision should be in the hands of the parents.
  • The children can see that the parents have considered the position carefully and have come to an agreement.
  • It will take some time for the children to adjust to the new parent and the process will help them accept their new life.

When you arrive as a new parent on the scene, it can be quite difficult to cope, but the same thing is felt by the children and the biological parent. The only solution is to work together as a group slowly and steadily. As time passes, the environment changes and everyone will be able to live happily together.

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