Tips to Prevent Sibling Squabbles

Sibling quarrels are something that every parent faces and some parents start to feel like the referee of a boxing match. This rivalry can be very intense and annoying. From which television program to watch to who is touching who in the car: it seems that there is an endless stream of things that your kids can fight about. Over time children should learn to resolve their own quarrels, as they gain two skills like compromise and cooperation.

Tips to Prevent Sibling Squabbles

Here are some of the simple ways to maintain peace and harmony between your children. They include:

Remove them from the Situation:

Even though they may fight, they might still enjoy each other’s company. You may notice a change in their behavior if you let them know that, if they don’t stop fighting they will be separated.

Review the House Rules:

When everyone is together, like at family dinner, consider the possibility of explaining the house rules to them. Let them know that fighting is unacceptable and let them know what you expect from them.

Sharing is not Always the Answer:

If kids fight for something of great importance to one of the siblings, discuss the benefits of sharing and its importance, but allow them to make their own decisions.

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out:

When your child is throwing a temper tantrum, try not to give into the child. If there is a conflict between your children, then you will not know who started it. So, listen fairly to both of them.

Don’t Always Rush to get Involved:

If the situation is not violent, it’s better that you take a step back and let the kids solve their own problems. If you do not get involved, then this will help them to develop their conflict resolution skills which they may need when they get older.

Help Kids have me Time:

Children, starting at the age of 3, need their own time to decompress. Designate a special place whether it is a room or a spot in a shared bathroom and let them unwind.

Commend Good Behavior:

When the children are getting along well, encourage them by praising them. They may act that way because they are getting positive attention from you. This will help them get along more often.

Let them be Angry:

If your child is upset with for any reason, don’t discourage them. Ask them why they are frustrated and acknowledge it. They will learn to talk through their feelings instead of acting on them.

Try to follow these given tips in reducing sibling rivalry. This helps the siblings live in harmony..

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