Single Parenting Dating Tips

Dating can make anyone a little anxious. But, starting to date again as a single parent can be nerve-racking. There are a couple of tips that may make the process run a little smoother.

Explaining it to your Kids:

When going on a date, make sure that your kids know that you are going on a date. You need to be very honest in explaining because it will help ensure that your child keeps his or her trust in you. If the child is very young, then more details may not be necessary, just say that it is someone from the work place or a friend. Be very simple in your explanation.

Introduce your new friend slowly:

Once you are confident that your relationship is going somewhere that may be the best time to introduce your children to that person. If you introduce them to each of your dates right away, it can be confusing and they may try to stop you from dating anyone at all. Gradually increase the time spent between your children and your date to make them more familiar and comfortable.

Your First Priority is your Children:

Make it very clear to the person you are dating that your first priority is your children. If there is a problem regarding this decision with anyone you are seeing, then it’s time to stop the relationship.


If you are a single parent who visits your children only on the weekends, make it very clear to the person you are dating that you won’t be available on these days. This gives the person an idea of the commitment needed when dating someone with children and you won’t be cancelling on your children, ensuring that their trust in you is well placed.

Don’t Move Quickly:

When your children get close with the person you are dating at an early stage, breaking up with them later in the relationship can end up hurting and confusing the children. So, you need to keep this in mind. Don’t try to move in haste and do things too quickly.

Listen to your Kids:

When your child says that they do not like the person you are seeing, try to pay attention to them or try to listen to them because that person might have yelled at your kids or makes them uncomfortable. Try to know how he/she reacts and then put some thought into the situation.

Never Parade Your Date in Front of your Ex:

It can be very tempting to let your ex know that you have moved on, but is not fair to use your date as a weapon. In most cases, your children have already told the other parent that you are dating. Never ask the kids to keep it as a secret because they feel that something is wrong and they may feel as if they are betraying the other parent.

Reassure Your Children:

Reassure your children that dating someone is completely different and this does not reduce the love and affection that you have towards your children.

These tips for single parenting date may not guarantee a smooth journey, but it may make the process easy for all the people concerned.

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