Other Common Parenting Issues

Parenting issues are problems with the children that are very difficult to deal with. Parents rely on their instincts and do not try to get help with some of the common parenting issues. Many of us know what to do in many situations that we face as parents.

Other Common Issues

Some of the common issues or problems with the children that every parent faces include:

Alcohol or Drug Use:

This is one of the worst problems for any parent to have to deal with. The long-term consequences can be very severe and your child can be subjected to expulsion from school and later in life their career could be ruined as they have an arrest record or because of limited education skills. The consequences are serious and for this reason the parent should teach the child that drug or alcohol abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Tell them about the dangers of drugs, but if they still go that way, then intervene immediately by taking professional support.


Many parents think of smoking as a minor offence, but it is a very addictive and unhealthy habit which has to be dealt immediately. It all depends on how you handle the issue of smoking, which could set the stage for more serious confrontations to occur later in your child’s life. Teach your child about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Try to set an example: if you smoke, quit. The most important thing is to let them know your feelings about the issue of smoking and that violations can result in consequences.

Blended Families:

The U.S. censor bureau, has reported that the divorce rates have been increasing around 50% from the past ten years. This places millions of children in single-parent homes or with blended families. This creates locality issues, territorial issues and lastly the struggle for attention. If you and your child are in a blended family, it is important for the lines of communication be open at all times so they can express their feelings and thoughts. In the initial days, it is always better for the biological parent to deal with discipline. You should make sure that your children are your first priority, though you have entered a new chapter of your life in love.

Monsters Under the Bed:

Everyone has got their own fears, be it public speaking or monsters under the bed. In the case of your children, help them confront their fears. As a parent you should stand with him or her and try to help them discover the thing he/she is afraid of or at times it may not even exist. Sometimes they realize that it was not as scary as they thought it to be. A child can overcome these fears when he/she has very caring, loving and affectionate parents. Your child will conquer his/her fears and becomes more confident, capable and outgoing.

It is not an easy task to raise children, but when you teach your children with a positive perspective, it becomes worthwhile. Be honest, consistent and keep your word when dealing with such parenting issues. Children identify dictatorial or hypocritical behaviors. Positive parenting will help you to survive in even the most challenging issues of parenting.

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