Smart Single Parenting – Parenting Tips

Single parents may feel overwhelmed with the demands of raising children on their own, especially when their children exhibit behavioral problems. Here are some tips for a single parent to cope with the demands of raising children on their own.

How To Get Enough Time to Spend Together

Here are some tips on how to make time for your child as a single parent:

  • Allocate specific time everyday to spend time with your children. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day.
  • Build a strong family routine and stick to it.
  • Sunday can be the day when you spend the whole day with your children.
  • Meal times can be used as ‘Us Time’.
  • Try to maintain a bond with each of your children as this can help them feel secure in a new environment.
  • Limit TV viewing in the evenings and make time to play a few family games and read stories before going to bed.
  • Plan a specific time to help your child with his homework.
  • Schedule a family meeting and ask your child questions about his needs and personal goals.

Other Tips For Single Parents

  • Try to be a good listener as your child will open up when you are making an effort to understand their world.
  • Try to validate your child’s feelings because for a child small things may be big and big things small.
  • Try to guide your child to understand the complex situations in his life.
  • Try to view the world from your child’s perspective as this makes them feel good and important. Share childcare with others.

Take care of yourself.

  • Accept help when needed and do not shy away in asking for help.
  • Build a support system that may involve co-workers, single parents and your friends.
  • Be honest to your children about the changes that are occurring in your life.
  • Never project your negative emotions on your children.

Remember that something as simple as mealtimes shared together can have a positive impact on your child. Time spent with your children is where behaviors are reinforced and shaped.

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