Effect Of Divorce On Children

During divorce or separation the feelings of the children can easily be forgotten. Parents can be so caught up in their own feelings of fear, hurt, resentment, anger that they may forget about how the situation is affecting their children.  They may not realize that the children too are suffering. The first thing to do is to find an age appropriate support group for your child.

The advantage of finding a support group for your child is that he will meet other children who are going through the same experience. It may provide a safe place for him to share his feelings and listen to how others are coping in similar situations.

Tips for Divorced Parents

Here are some tips for divorced parents:

  • Do not argue in front of your children.
  • Give genuine, age appropriate explanations of why the divorce is occurring.
  • Never criticize the other parent in front of your children.
  • Let your child know that it is normal to experience negative emotions because of divorce.
  • Never try to use your child to take revenge over the other parent.
  • Do not use children as messengers to the other parent.
  • Never try spying on the other parent with the help of your children.
  • If your child is not living with you, then make a point of it to be in touch with your child regularly.
  • Let your child know that divorce was not his/her mistake.
  • Let your child know that the decision for divorce is final.
  • Never give false hopes of reconciliation.
  • Set regular visitation schedules and stick to them.

Lastly, let your child know that you love them unconditionally and never ignore his emotions and feelings.

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