Three Easy Ways to Connect With your Child

In today’s fast paced world it may feel as if you don’t really connect with your child. Communication is very important in a parent-child relationship. If there is lack of appropriate communication, the parent and child may feel alienated form each other. Here are three easy ways to connect with your child:

Speak His Language

Your child may have a different behavioral style than you. His style may also be completely different from that of his siblings. For example, if you have two daughters, then one may behave like you do and the other may behave like your spouse. Adjust your way of talking to suit their personalities. If one daughter has a more laid back personality, then speak to her in the way that she speaks to you. If the other one is a perfectionist and like things done quickly, then adjust the way you communicate to suit her style.

Speak At His Level

When you try to explain certain things or speak to them, put yourself physically on their level and talk to them. If you tower over them especially when you are angry, it tends to increase fear rather than cooperation. Make eye contact when you want to deliver a message to younger children. Bend or sit down so that you can speak to them eye-to-eye. Making eye contact help you to get and keep their attention.

Express Unconditional Love

When your children behave properly, it is easy to shower them with love and respect, but what if he/she disobeys you or breaks your favorite vase? It may not be so easy to show love then.  Unconditional love means that you show the same amount of love and respect towards your child no matter what they do. This implies that you need to control your tone of voice and volume, choose your words carefully and use the right body language. The more you demonstrate unconditional love the easier it will be to do.

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