Parents’ Responsibilities Towards Children

Being a parent is a hard work, but it has lots of rewards at the same time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the duties of a parent and it is normal to wonder what exactly your responsibility as a parent is. Here are some of the basic responsibilities that a parent has towards his child:

Provide Emotional Security

  • Make children feel safe by expressing yourself in an appropriate way.
  • Be gentle with them and show them that they can depend on you.

Trust and Respect your Children

  • Promote independence and give opportunities for privacy.
  • Believe your children’s abilities.
  • Respect your child’s feelings.

Monitor Safety and attend Injuries

  • Make sure your house is a safe place for your child to explore.
  • Don’t expose your child to dangerous situations.

Provide Physical Security

  • Maintain a family routine
  • Teach hygiene and nutrition
  • Provide basic needs

Provide Discipline

  • Ensure that discipline and rules are age appropriate
  • Be consistent
  • Give time outs for young children who lack self control
  • When your child misbehaves, withdraw some of his privileges

Be Clear About Limits

  • Your child should know exactly what is expected of him.

Reinforce Good Behaviors

  • Use praise, encouragement, hugs and smiles to reinforce good.

Use Discipline to Give Instructions, Not Punishments.

Make Adequate Time For Your Children

  • Give affection freely and frequently.
  • Include your child in your activities.
  • Participate in your child’s school and sports activities
  • Support your child’s activities, interests and learning.

Care for yourself and your spouse


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