Helping Troubled Teenaged Boys

Teenage years can be the toughest phase for parents and teens alike. Parents may feel that they cannot control their children anymore and that they have lost the sweet child they knew. The solution does not lie in blaming teenagers, but rather in focusing on how parents can help them. Boys experience the same intensity of feelings as girls, but may not be able to express their feelings as easily. Here are some tips for helping troubled teens:

Shower Them with Loads of Love, Affection and Understanding

Teenagers need as much love, care and affection as toddlers. Make an effort to understand him and the problems that he faces in day to day life. This will help him to trust you and open up about those issues or worries that are causing him to stress. Approach him as a friend and offer your friendship to support him.

Always Have a Positive Approach Towards Life

Make sure that you approach the common problems faced by teens in a positive manner. A positive attitude will help you to instill confidence in your teen son that he will be able to overcome his difficulties. Whenever they face a difficult situation be genuinely concerned for them and help them to overcome it.

Develop a Healthy Environment

Parents should create a healthy physical and mental environment for their teens to grow up in. When their parents do not get along well, teenage boys may feel insecure. Show plenty of love and affection towards your child and towards your spouse.


Be honest with your son about your feelings and show your trust in your son by having a mature talk with him regarding all the issues that are related to you family life.

Be an Excellent Role Model

Teen boys may face a variety of problems during their growing-up years and as parents you can set a good example so that they do not choose or behave in an inappropriate way. When parents set a good example to their sons, they look up to them and try to emulate these good habits in their own lives. If you have a good relationship with your son he will not hesitate to approach you to help him in any situation he faces.


Keep the channels of communication between you and your son open. Make him feel comfortable and communicate clearly and honestly from your side so that he can trust you. Talk to him about important issues like smoking, drugs and sex. Remain calm and quiet and treat your teen son in a mature way. Talk to your son and try to clear doubts that he has and make him understand that the changes in his feelings and his body are natural. Be open about such issues.

Parenting teenagers requires of you to spend some time with them and be available to them as a friend, guide and philosopher. Parents and teens can enjoy this beautiful phase together and the bond that they build during these years will last for a lifetime.

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  1. Our teenage years are often the most confusing and puzzling years of our lives. Somewhere between the times when we enjoyed playing with Tonka© trucks and baby dolls, and when our greatest sense of joy came from shopping for a new car or going on a date with someone special … and on to the future when marriage, family and career responsibilities loomed ever so closely … something happened. “Innocence” was lost, and life didn’t “feel” so good any more.

    I worked with troubled teens at a Texas Youth Commission facility. I found that many had no sense of value and worth. A healthy sense of self esteem seemed non-existent. Being an author, speaker & licensed belief therapist, I wrote a behavioral management program for troubled teens based on my studies & experience.

    Youth, even troubled teens, need to be responsible and accountable for their actions, as do we all. If there is no change in their patterns of thinking and behaving, no accountability for their actions, they will continue in a vicious cycle, which may include crime and confinement. So the question becomes, how do they make this change? The solution lies in the word “choice.” They must want to change. But how can the desire to change be birthed and encouraged to grow in a youth who, for most of his life, has been entrenched in negative thinking and corrupt life styles? The answer is in encouraging them to know, understand and believe that their life does have value and worth. Once they know that, they can realize that they are selling themselves short by continuing in the patterns they have been living in which are causing them to be “troubled.” Helping youth to know and understand being accountable for their actions, while recognizing their value and worth as human beings, is the goal of this program. This opens up the door of HOPE for their futures, and what greater goal can there be than that?

    There’s certification and CEUs offered for this program. If you’d like more information, click on the “Help for Troubled Teens” link on the website listed.

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