Parenting A Physically Disabled Child

It is a very difficult task for a parent to raise a disabled child. Mentally and physically, a parent goes through a lot of stress. Maintaining a balance in your and your child’s routine is important. Though many physically disabled children are able to live a normal life, you need to know how to help your child do so.

Parenting Tips to Help a Physically Disabled Child:


Discipline is an important thing to teach your disabled child. Most parents tend to avoid disciplining their disabled child because they feel bad for them. This is a big mistake as other siblings start resenting the disabled child. A lack of discipline also confuses the disabled child since they do not always know their boundaries and what is expected of them.

Open Communication

Open communication is another important factor that would help in your disabled child’s upbringing. Many disabled children go through a phase of depression. This is the time when you need to sit and talk. Once your child opens up to things, it will be much easier to understand them.


Many disabled children react poorly to surprises. It is important to plan in all aspects of the child’s life. Routine is ideal. If their day is even disrupted in a way that seems minor to you, your disabled child may be confused and act out. Warn your child of any changes ahead of time to avoid complications.

Though your disabled child may need that extra attention, make sure you they do not feel completely dependent on you. It will help both of you if they get to know and trust other people so that they can build a sense of independence. Caring for a disabled child may seem daunting, but with all family members on board, the rewards outweigh the efforts.

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