Tips for Single Fathers

There are many questions that are unanswered in regards to playing the role of a single father. People wonder – Is a child is more attached to the mother than the father?  Is it possible for a man to be both a father figure and a motherly figure to his child? The answer to these questions depends on an individual’s situation. It is equally difficult for a single mother to bring up her child as it is for a single father. But the problems a single father faces are unique. Following are some tips for single fathers.

Tips for a Single Father:

Build a Relationship

Being a single father, you have to build a relationship with your child. This is a time when your role as a single father becomes more challenging. Balancing your responsibilities both at home and at work may make you feel overwhelmed. But it is extremely important to spend quality time with your child. Look forward to it instead of wishing you could just sit in silence in front of the television for a while. Eat dinner with your child, observing a no television policy for a little while so that you are forced to communicate. A strong relationship makes your child trust you and helps prevent teenage rebellion.

Indulge in Activities

If your child is involved in sports or other extracurricular activities, try and take time to come to observe once in a while. Think back to when you were a child and your parents were there to support you. Didn’t you feel proud of yourself when they watched you, making you want to work extra hard to make them proud as well? When a child feels ignored, they feel like you do not care and that therefore, nobody should care about them. It may seem minor to you when you miss their activities but to them, it makes them feel like whatever else you are doing is more important. Obviously there are times whenwork comes first, but simply communicating with your child can help. If you cannot be there for them, let them know that you would love to go but cannot always make it.  Do try your best, however, to show your support in some way.

Avoid Resentment

Many times a child’s qualities or behavior may be like the mother. There may be times when you may get irritated and show negative feelings towards your child’s mother.  Avoid this at all costs. This not only affects your relationship with your child but makes them feel like they are in the middle of a battle: something they have probably felt like many times before. Try not to make them feel like they have to choose sides. You and the mother will always be a part of their life in your own unique ways.

Single fathers often see their children less than the mothers. Make sure your time spent with the child counts and you can have a healthy relationship with each other.

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