Parenting Shy Children

No two children are the same. Some children are extroverted and enjoy the attention that childhood offers. Other children are introverted and prefer to be in the shadows – so to speak. An example of an introverted child is a shy child. These children can be shy in many social situations such as making or receiving phone calls, attending parties, reading in groups and so on. Parenting shy children is not easy and parents need to know how to help the child come out of his/her shell. Below are a few ways for a parent to help a child find confidence in every day life.

Being a role model is one of the best ways a parent can help a child through being shy

  • Compliment a friend for the delicious dinner or tell a stranger that their coat looks great
  • Be the first one to say ”Hi” to break the ice
  • Be kind and offer a smile to people – especially strangers
  • Develop a good habit in your child by making positive comments.
  • Enroll in social activities and let children know about it; perhaps enrolling them in the class as well
  • Encourage children by helping them mingle with other kids
  • Assign them easy activities
  • At school, this could be cleaning erasers with a classmate
  • At home, have them answer the phone with a memorized greeting such as, “Hello, this is the Jones’ residence”

Things that parents should not do:

  • Humiliate children in public or private
  • Avoid conversations with people
  • Talk poorly about people
  • Feel sorry for self when a task was not able to completed
  • Embarrass children when they make a mistake.

Parenting shy children is a challenging task for every parent. These suggestions can help a child in developing their social skills and gaining confidence to overcome a world of shyness. Just remember, a parent must be patient and know that a child is a work in progress, just as adults are.

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