Nurturing Creativity in a Child

Creativity in children is very important as it helps in a child’s mental and physical development. A child is able to express him/herself more clearly and has an open mind. Nurturing creativity in a child will help him/her go a long way. Below are a few tips to encourage a child’s creativity.

Tips to Help Nurture a Child’s Creativity:

Limit Television Viewing

Watching television all the time blocks a child’s mind. A child’s mind is then limited to a fixed idea which leads to a mental block. Television conveys distorted messages on religion, race and gender which is not good for a child’s mind.

Giving lots of time for Imaginative Games

Giving sufficient time to a child for imaginative games is helpful. In this, a child is able to use his imagination which helps to develop mentally and physically. Children keep trying new ideas for games and parents should support their child in such activities.

Supply Materials for Art

Children enjoy making things when they are provided with art materials. This encourages them to explore new art mediums like drawing with crayons, pencils, and markers, painting, or some crafting with glue, paper, scissors. A child can create a magical world all their own when given a chance. At school, teachers should try to have a substantial time of creative activities during the week.

Encourage Musical Activities

Music is something that every child enjoys. It can by learning a musical instrument or learning how to sing.. Music develops a child’s skills, channels energy and definitely nurtures their creative mind; so parents who have problems dealing with their children might encourage their child in music activities.

Providing a Variety of Books

Reading is a good habit which should be encouraged in children. It broadens a child’s imagination and allows them to go places they may never get to go in real life. Parents should encourage regular reading as it also leads to creative writing and improves the vocabulary. Books strengthens skills and knowledge of a child.

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