Single Working Mothers: Parenting Tips

Every parent faces problems while raising their children. This task becomes even more challenging for a woman who is a single working mother. A woman has to balance work and home. There is constant pressure to live up to everyone’s expectations. Below are a few parenting tips for a single working mother.

Parenting Tips for a Single Working Mother:

Managing Finances-

Managing finances can be tough on any family, but the single mom is not only the chef, maid, and taxi driver, but also an accountant. Learning how to properly manage money will save money more often than one might imagine. It is imperative that children are taught the value of money and how to save. Unless the job is really well paying then one might try to earn additional income, whether it’s from home or from another job. Older children should be encouraged to create an income for themselves, so valuable money is not being spent recklessly on movies, video games, or clothing For example, work the regular hours and then make money selling items from a favorite hobby. A child could help with the hobby or create their own job like a dog walking service or babysitting.

Striking a Balance at Home and Work-

Many working women find it difficult to balance home and work. This becomes even more difficult for a single working mother. The only way to balance things is to give responsibilities to your children. They would certainly understand how difficult it is to manage without a father in the family. Accept the help of trusted family members or friends, Daycare centers are also available for children.

Raising a Child-

There have been many cases, where children of single parents get drawn to wrong peers and activities like crime and drugs. A single working mother must spend quality time with the children. Give them the space they require and teach them right and wrong. Raise them into confident individuals. Usually, male children need (and will want) a male role model to look up to. In such situations ask for the help of a trusted male person. It can be an uncle, friend or a cousin. Another option could be finding a club like Big Brothers or the like.

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