Parenting Advice on a Child Stealing

Children are very fidgety by nature. They don’t understand what actually belongs to them. They pick objects that look attractive. Parents have to keep an eye on kids, but this is not always possible. There may be situations when a child may pick something that doesn’t belong to him/her. Know what to do in order to prevent a child from stealing.

Parenting Advice on a Child’s Stealing Habits

  • Make sure to tell children that it is not good to take things that do not belong to him/her. This is called stealing and that is not right.
  • Do help children understand how they would feel if someone stole their toy.. This would help make it personal for a child and understand from a different perspective.
  • If a child has stolen something, do make the child apologize for that behavior. Doing this in person is best because it is face-to-face, but making a phone call works well too.
  • If the item stolen has been lost, broken, or eaten (in the case of candy stolen from a store) then deduct the amount from your child’s piggy bank and send the money to the child (or store) for a replacement
  • It is important to monitor a child’s behavior. This will help to understand him/her better.

The above points are just a few steps towards disciplining a child in a better way. He/she will understand the value of other people’s possessions and feelings. Even if it is wholly embarrassing to a parent, try to  look at the brighter side of things; by concentrating on these small issues a child will grow into a better person.

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