Disciplining Mistakes Dads Make

Every parent wants their children to be disciplined and well-mannered. When it comes to parents, mothers seem to be more lenient as compared to fathers. Fathers build a certain expectation for their children. But in the process of disciplining they tend to make a few mistakes that later backfire. Below are a few of those mistakes that dads make.

Disciplining Mistakes Dads Make

  • Most dads try to discipline their children when they are in a temper. This is something that should be avoided. Children understand better when a person is calm.
  • Many dads, when disciplining their children use different tactics for the same wrong behavior. A child definitely gets confused.
  • Spanking a child certainly does not help in disciplining a child. Dads may need to get creative in disciplining, as this works better.
  • Telling a child that they will get a reward if they behave well, will give a wrong understanding to a child. They come to expect a reward every time and may become defiant if they do not get the reward.
  • It has been observed that many dads compare one child with their siblings. This will lead to anger and resentment in the child.
  • Dads are good in lecturing their children if they have not finished a task. Instead, ask the child the reason why the take couldn’t be completed.
  • Being protective about your child to a certain extent is fine, but the child should face situations and the consequences of situations. This will help him/her to understand the way the “real” world works.
  • Dads should sit down with the child and set consequences and limits. If a father is consistent, a child will quickly learn the consequences if he/she doesn’t follow the rules.

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