Parenting Tips from the Past

Parenting techniques have changed over the years. In many homes,  both parents are working and they still have to find the time to raise the children.  In spite of all the challenges, they manage to teach valuable lessonsto their children. Here are a few parenting tips from the past that can help in raising a child.

Parenting Tips from the Past:

A Healthy Diet is a Must

Telling a child to finish drinking milk or to eat all the vegetable is not punishing a child. It is okay to be concerned about a child’s health. Encouraging children to eat a healthy meal is actually very important. Lack of a healthy diet causes children to suffer from problems like obesity, cancer, diabetes and other health issues. Today, there are many obese kids. These children are more prone to high cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is not only important for the physical development but also the mental development of a child.

Dietary habits from the past that should be followed:

  • Drink lots of milk.
  • Avoid eating outside food, such as fast food, and cook a healthy meal at home.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Pack a healthy lunch for school.
  • Reduce sugary drinks and soda.

Fix a Proper Bedtime Routine

Children need to get sufficient sleep. Kids who are between five and twelve years old, need to get at least ten to eleven hours of sleep. If a child is forced to go to bed by 7 pm, it is absolutely fine. If a child does not get sufficient sleep, parents and teachers later have to bear the consequences. It becomes very difficult to handle such kids. Children may act cranky while a bedtime routine is being established, but if this becomes a regular pattern, a child will get used to it.

Exercise and Children

In this modern era, a child is encouraged to play with toys or electronics which keep him/her occupied to leave the parents free. This certainly does not help in a child’s physical and mental development. Parents should rather make sure that their child has at least an hour of exercise a day, which can be in any form from skipping rope to playing basketball. A child should be encouraged to play outdoor sports like bicycling, swimming or running. Children who exercise regularly feel mentally and physically healthy. They are able to sleep well and develop strong muscles and bones, so cut off that game system and television, and get outside! Have a good meal and get plenty of sleep.

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