Sleepovers Parenting Advice

Sleepovers for children are an exciting part of growing up. Most parents worry if their child is prepared and ready for a sleepover. They may be confused about what the appropriate age is for a child to have a sleepover? Or would the child be comfortable at a sleepover away from his/her home. All these questions worry parents.

Sleepovers Parenting Advice

When it comes to sleepovers, there is no particular age for a child to begin. When a child is ready he/she can go for it. Many parents are constantly worried to know if the child is doing fine and so on. Going to a friend’s house for a sleepover is the first step toward a child’s independence. Parents should encourage the child for such sleepovers when the occasion arises, because even in the future, there may be times when a child will have to go for short trips or go camping.

Sometimes a child needs to decide if he/she is okay leaving home and being away from their parents. Be sure to tell the child that it is absolutely fine to call if he/she is not comfortable with the idea of a sleepover.

Whenever planning for a sleepover, it is important for parents of the host and guest to communicate about a few things like, when and where the “kid exchange” will take place, the emergency contact number and plans if a child feels homesick.

In a fit of excitement, Many kids do crazy things like, making crank calls or sneaking out in the night. Parents should lay a few rules like:

    • Having limited access to the telephone, Internet or television (depending on ages).
    • Staying indoors after a certain time.
    • Instructions about what can be eaten, though it is a time for treats.
    • Keeping the noise level down so others can sleep
    • Knowing what movies are going to be watched during this time. (Seven year olds do not need to be watching Saw III at any time, but especially at midnight.) Watching good movies and scary movies are quite popular among kids during sleepovers.

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