Parenting Advice for Bullying

Many school children are victims of bullying. This is a common behavior for kids and decreases as kids move to higher grades. Bullying can be either verbal like teasing or physical like hitting. In these situations, parents can only help children cope.

Signs of Being a Victim of Bullying

  • Avoiding going to school with an excuse like stomach-ache or headache.
  • Having disturbed sleep.
  • Showing signs of anxiety or fear about going to school.
  • Unusual changes in behavior or personality.
  • Dropping grades in school.

Children who are victims of bullying go through emotional changes. They can become quite sensitive to negative comments, quiet, anxious and have poor self-esteem. There is a noticeable difference between children who have been bullied and those who have not. Children who have been bullied hesitate to talk to anyone about the problem for fear of the person who is bullying them and also because they often feel embarrassed and think the bullying is their fault.

Parenting Advice for Bullying

As a parent, if you notice any of the above signs in your child take the situation seriously. Create a comfortable atmosphere for your child to confide in you. Let them know you are there to support them and tell them you have noticed the changes in their behavior and wonder what is going on. You can ask if they are having any problems with anyone at school and assure them it’s okay to talk about it.

If it’s confirmed that your child is being bullied, avoid giving advice.

Do speak to officials at school and discuss this problem. The officials can observe and even intervene if necessary. Help your child to figure out how to respond to the bully and ask them to keep you informed about what is going on.  These are a few tips that could help your child develop into a stronger person.

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