The Ten Commandments for Parenting Teenagers

Every parent is aware of the physical and emotional changes involved as teenagers grow up. Parents should be particularly aware of their children through their teenage years. There are a few basic rules, that every parent should think about when interacting with teenagers.

The Ten Commandments of Parenting Teenagers:

1 Commandment:

Pick your battles. Teenagers are learning to define themselves beyond you. They will challenge you. Let go of the small issues and concentrate on the big ones for example, rules around drugs, alcohol and studying.

2 Commandment:

Parents should praise their teens in public but never criticize them in front of others. It is usually the other way around when it comes to most parents.

3 Commandment:

Parents need to be especially calm and patient during the teenage years. This can be difficult because you will feel like you are always repeating yourself.

4 Commandment:

Today’s teens have been exposed to a whole level .of technology and social media that didn’t exist when parents were kids. They can appear to be very knowledgeable. Don’t try to compete with them. Let them sometimes teach you things.

5 Commandment:

Teens are growing up faster than in the past due to today’s influences. Don’t underestimate their strengths..

6 Commandment:

You need to let your children know you are there to support them if they get into trouble.

7 Commandment:

Be aware that some teenagers love to blame parents for their failures. They also forget to thank their parents for their successes. Don’t take this too seriously. Teenagers are notoriously self- focused.

8 Commandment:

Keep your focus on your child as a whole person. Don’t get caught up in their teen behavior. Remember .it is a phase they will pass through.

9 Commandment:

Teens need the guidance of a mature person. While you can be a friend to your teen you are first and foremost their parent. Teens need rules just like younger children.

10 Commandment:

Have open conversations with your teens. This will strengthen the bond between the two of you.

The above are the 10 commandments that parents should follow. In this way, you should be able to guide your teen through the rough waters of the teenage years.

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