Parenting Advice – Sharing a Room

Many parents encourage their children to share rooms with their siblings, especially when there is a space constraint. Sharing a room whether from necessity or for any other reason is a good opportunity for parents to teach their children about sharing in general and how to resolve conflict.

Parenting Advice

There are always advantages and disadvantages to siblings sharing a room.

Advantages of Siblings Sharing a Room

  • Sharing the same room can help children develop a better relationship with each other. This depends though on the age difference and temperament of each child.
  • It can help children learn how to share in general and how to resolve conflict peacefully..
  • If one child has a positive habit it can influence the other child, for example being tidy, reading, creativity..

Disadvantages of Siblings Sharing a Room

  • If one child is a restless sleeper, goes to bed later or gets up earlier than the other child, it may disturb the other child.
  • Children with different temperaments may find it difficult to share the same room. This could cause conflicts and long lasting negative feelings.
  • Every child needs his/her privacy, especially as they move into their teen years. This can be a major drawback and can cause problems between siblings.
  • If the size of the room isn’t adequate, for example there isn’t enough closet space etc children tend to fight for their space.


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