Parenting Advice for Depressed Kids

Like many adults, kids get depressed. There could be many reasons for a child to get depressed. If you notice that your child is depressed for a prolonged period of time, get him/her diagnosed by a pediatrician as early as possible to avoid further complications. Normal forms of depression usually only last a day or two. Anything that goes on longer than this is a cause for concern.

Parenting Advice: Tips for Coping with Depression:

Identifying Coping Skills:

Coping with situations is a skill that parents can teach their kids. For example, you can teach your child to take 5 deep breaths if he/she is upset with something before he/she reacts. People tend to breathe shallowly when they are upset. Breathing deeply slows the system down and makes them feel calm. Also you can help your child think about the problem. If he/she is upset about something help him/her to find a workable solution.

Keep the Child Active:

When people are depressed, they usually lose interest in physical activities and regular routines and tasks. When this happens parents can help by providing the positive support to stay active and maintain their routine. This might involve helping the child get started on a task or initiating a walk or a game of some kind


Be sensitive about what you think your child can handle at this time. You know what your child is capable of better than anyone. You may want to modify your expectations for now but be sure they are clear.

Soothing Work Environment:

A child who is depressed needs quiet to concentrate. If you can, provide them with a quiet room. This is a good place to talk with your child and let him/her know you are always available to support him/her.

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