Parenting Tips on Teen Dating

During the teenage years children begin to develop attractions for the opposite sex which is normal. There are many things that parents should educate their teens about before that critical period.

Below are a number of topics parents will want to discuss with their teens.

Sex Education:

Parents need to have an educational discussion with their teens early on about all matters sexual including contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and intercourse to name a few. These discussions should happen between the parent and child of the same sex to increase comfort. If you are a single parent find a responsible friend or relative to stand in for you with your opposite sex child,

Teen Dating:

Every teenager has lots of questions about dating. Parents should know how to answer these questions by thinking about them beforehand. You should know how to respond when your teen asks you when they can start dating  You also need to know how to handle a situation where you don’t want your teen going out with a certain person. Your teenage will want to hear reasons.

Teen Kissing:

Today couples kissing are everywhere on the internet, in magazines and on television. Parents cannot protect their teens from what has become a cultural norm.  Again, education is the key. Teenagers will experiment with kissing so help them to understand when it is appropriate and when it is not.

Maintaining Healthy Relationship:

It is easy for teens to get into a situation where there is a possibility for sexual interaction if they are not properly supervised. Make sure you know where your teen is and who he/she is with. Educate them about the kind of situation that could lead to trouble with the opposite sex.  Encourage your teen to have good friendships and go out with groups rather than as couples..

Gaining their Trust:

Stay open with your teen. Don’t pretend you were perfect when you were growing up. . Let them known the pros and cons of dating at an early age. Be alert to what your teen is viewing or reading. If your teen is dating, make sure you meet that person and his/her parents.

Keeping yourself Up to Date:

Be aware of how teens speak to each other now, what music they listen to and what video games they play. Have your teen carry a cellphone and insist they check in with you at regular intervals if they are out for the evening.


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