Parenting Adult Children

Parenting doesn’t stop when a child grows into an adult. Adult children still need the support of their parents even if it’s just some advice and occasional feedback to help them through a situation. Below are a few suggestions about how to respond to your adult children.

Parenting Adult Children:

Advise them:

Everybody is different. Some adult children may not want advice from their parents while others do. It depends to a large degree on what kind of relationship they had with you growing up… If they are open to it, make sure you give them the emotional and financial support that they need. Let them know that you will always be there whenever they need you.

Encourage them:

Always show confidence and trust in them. Never force your opinion on them. Let them speak their mind. Encourage and praise them to show that you are a proud parent.

Don’t force your opinion:

Advise your adult children only when they ask for it. Try not to prove your point or make it seem that what you are saying is always right. Let them think for themselves and make their own decisions.

Never criticize:

Parents are bound to worry about their adult children when they think they have made a wrong decision. Don’t  speak in a harsh tone or get angry. This will push your children away .If you feel you need to say something ask their permission to comment first and then be gentle.

Don’t overdo support:

Every parent wants to see their children self-sufficient and doing well. Assist them with money or gifts only when it is necessary. This gives them a chance to use their skills, talent and efficiency. If you always step in they will rely too much on you.

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