Parenting and Joint Custody Advice:

Custody can be either sole or joint. In sole custody one of the parents has all rights to the child. In joint custody both parents are awarded rights to parent the child. When parents separate, children are usually the victims. It is more advisable for couples to opt for joint custody if at all possible because even though the couple is apart, the child gets the love and support from both his/her parents. Below are a few tips on custody issues for parents.

Parenting and Joint Custody Advice:

Focus on children

It is advisable for parents to go for joint custody so that the child doesn’t miss out on the love and support of both parents. Parents should not use the children as part of a battle but always ask themselves if their decision is in the best interests of the children. This is a crucial time for children and they do need both their parents.


If you and your partner are going for joint custody, this means both of you will have equal rights to the child. You and your partner have to work on communicating clearly about how you share the children to minimize conflict. You should always consider the children first when making arrangements and decisions.

Stay present in your children’s lives

Though you may have split with your partner and your children don’t live with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t involve yourself in their activities and lives. Give them the importance they deserve and make them feel that regardless of what has happened, nothing has changed between you and them.

Make sure you are clear about what job each parent has in taking care of the children. Always honor your commitments and keep up to date on child support payments if you have been assigned them.

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