Parenting Tips to Help Shy Kids

All children are not the same. Some may be very active and some may be quiet. Children who are shy need a little help from parents. A little support from parents will help them gain confidence and develop into more outgoing individuals.

Parenting Tips to Help Shy Kids:

Allow a shy child to become comfortable

During play time and other activities, children often watch and observe other children. They try to imitate what they see. When it comes to shy kids, they may just observe other children playing and only when they are comfortable will they open up. Parents should allow the shy child to get comfortable with other kids and then interact.

Inviting other Kids to Play

This is another way of helping a shy child open up in a group. Parents can host a small play party by inviting at least two or three guests home. In this way the shy child does not get overlooked.

If the child has a favorite game, parents can add it as an activity. In this way the shy child can get a chance to interact in a small group doing something they like. Hosting a play party will help your child open up.

Pick a Common Activity

If there are other shy children in the group, parents can also choose a common activity that would be interesting to everyone. By hosting such play parties, it can help other shy kids to interact. When hosting a play party, ask your child who to invite. This gives your child a chance to interact with kids he/she likes.

Parents should make sure that their child is able to interact with other children comfortably. A parent’s support is very important in the development and growth of an introverted child.

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