Teaching Children Coping Skills

It is very important that every parent teach his/her children how to cope with day to day situations. Coping is a skill that kids should know in today’s complicated world. Daily routines have become very hectic for working parents, which means they spend less time with their children. Children have been completely dependent on their parents for emotional support but more and more they need to learn how to do things for themselves.

Teaching Children Coping Skills

Teaching children coping skills is very important. For example, a parent may lose his/her job. It affects the entire family and can result in a sudden change in lifestyle. Children can be strongly affected by this especially if it involves a move or tension in the family. Parents need to have good communication with their children so they are not hurt and understand how to handle the situation.

Parents Communicating with Children

People who are more open with their feelings often have better coping skills. Such people look for other options in dealing with problems and are able to handle difficult situations successfully. Children, when taught at a young age how to cope with crises and communicate their feelings can handle difficult situations better as adults. Parents should communicate openly with their children and model this positive coping skill.

Communication is a two way street. It involves both listening and talking. People who are stressed should talk through the problem., Likewise parents should encourage their children to talk whenever they are upset.

Listening well greatly assists positive communication. If you are a good listener, you will understand what the other person is saying and be able to help. Teaching your child to be a good listener is very valuable. Unless a child listens well, he/she will not be able to understand the problem or hear instructions properly. Teach your child to listen actively which means having them check with the other person to be sure they understood what was said before they say what they want to say .

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