Kids Coping with Remarriage

These days, it is very common to see couples getting remarried. Since parents find a way out for themselves through remarriage, kids find it difficult to cope with it. Remarriage can impact a child’s life to a great extent, be it can be either in a positive or a negative way. It is the duty of all parents to make their kids comfortable and help them cope with a remarriage.

Kids Coping with Remarriage

It can be a wrong assumption that the younger the kid is, the easier it is to cope with a new parent. This may not always be correct. Children naturally become protective about the parent who is not at home, or the parent who is with them. When it comes to teenagers, they outburst with anger and they make it obvious that they cannot accept a new person in their life. Since many kids wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of a new parent, there are a few things that you need to prepare your child for remarriage.

Parenting Tips for Kids to Cope with Remarriage

  • Before you decide to get remarried, it is important to let your children know the person well in advance.
  • After your engagement to your fiancé, do take out some time in the absence of your fiancé to speak to your children.
  • When having a conversation with your children about your remarriage, don’t make it seem that you are asking permission. Let them know that you have already decided,. Tell them that if they have any concerns, they are free to talk it out.
  • In case your children would live with you and your fiancé, and if he/she also has kids who would live with you, then do let your children know that there would be changes in rules, expectations, and reallocation of rooms.

The above points would make it easier for parents to explain and handle the situation. This would also prepare kids well in advance about the changes in their lives.

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