Parents’ Guide to Preschoolers

It’s always a worry for parents to know if their child would be independent at some point of time. Preschool kids always need some help from their parents. Some kids are able to do many things at school, but at home they depend a lot on their parents.

How to Encourage Independence

Many parents underestimate their kids. Children between the ages of 3-4 years depend a lot on parents. What parents need to understand is that, other than helping their kids with their day-to-day work, they also need to help them be independent. Below are a few guidelines for parents to help their preschoolers:

Raising Expectations-

If parents set certain expectations for the child, a child tries to live up to them. Parents expect a child to do small things like, putting away the plate after a meal or pouring water for themselves. Kids do understand things, but later they go back to their old habits. In such cases, parents should gradually raise the expectations for the child so that they keep learning.

Do Things Only When It’s Required-

Children are capable of doing things themselves. A parent should do things only when it’s really required. Allow your child to be independent, and most children find it exciting to learn new things when they do it themselves.

Avoid Redoing Things-

Parents always find an urge to redo things that are not satisfying according to them. If your child has not arranged his/her bed well, avoid redoing it. This may discourage the thrill of learning to do things.

Give a Chance to Solve Easy Problems-

Most parents are tempted to help their child solve problems that are really easy. Say for example, if your child is struggling to arrange his/her clothes, allow him/her to do it. If a child is trying to solve a puzzle, parents should guide the child; however, they should not complete the puzzle for the child. You need to allow your child to learn and solve things that are easy.

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