Anger:Helping Kids Cope With It

Every parent is concerned about their child’s emotional behavior. These days, it is very common to see children stressed out, angry, and aggressive. There can be many reasons that can trigger anger in a child like movies, internet, or even seeing other children. As a result of all this, a child develops this anger, and parents need to help their child come out of it. Below are a few tips for parents to help their child cope with anger.

Anger: Helping Kids Cope With It

Give a Live Example-

A very good way to teach a child is to give a live example. A child would learn things when he/she sees you in a situation. For example, if a few kids have broken your flower vase while playing, try not to lose your cool. Instead, in a calm manner tell them the find another place to play. Your kid would surely be observing you and this could be the best way to show your child that getting angry will only make things worse.

Leave and Cool Down-

Anger is and emotion that can be quite difficult to control. As a parent, try and make a rule saying, “problems can be solved in the house only when we have a control over our temper.”Another way of dealing with anger is that when you are angry, go for a walk, as this would certainly calm you. Try to teach you kids that getting angry or violent won’t solve their problems.

Develop a Vocabulary-

Many children don’t know how to express their anger. They may throw things, scream, hit or kick to express their feelings. A child has not learned new words that would help him/her to express this emotion. Parents should help the child by writing down words on a chart paper like furious, irritated, mad, frustrated and irate. Then when a child is angry, ask the child what he/she is feeling like. Say, “Are you furious about something? Do you want to talk about it? Is there something that’s irritating you?” Keep adding words so that a child is able to express him/herself better.

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