Alcoholic Parents: It’s Effects on Children

Today, we find many children are victims of alcoholic parents. Alcoholic Parents lose track of their responsibilities towards their children. Children of such parents eventually grow up to be insecure people. There are many factors that may lead a parent in becoming an alcoholic.

Factors Affecting an Alchoholic Parent

  • Unsatisfying performance in job
  • Family problems
  • Just an urge to drink
  • Disturbed childhood

The above factors can lead a parent into excessive drinking. These factors not only affect the parent, but also the child.

Effects on Children

More than anyone else, a child is affected to a great extent. Children of such parents suffer from emotional problems, and are at a much higher risk of turning into alcoholics. Such children also go through verbal and physical abuse. Alcoholic parents neglect their children and are completely unaware of their needs. Excessive drinking also leads to strange behavior. Seeing all this, children lead a very insecure life and become very sensitive.

Most children have to take up the parenting role and take care of their younger siblings. These children also go through a lot of trouble with regard to the finances, as most of the money is used in purchasing alcohol. Children of alcoholic parents have many responsibilities, and they lose the charm of living a normal childhood.

Children not only suffer physically, but emotionally also their behavior changes. They have low self-esteem about themselves. The feeling of guilt and rage is also there. Most of the time, because of such alcoholic parents, children also leave the house to avoid any bad situation at home.

Solution to Problems

There are many support centers, institutions and counseling classes held to help alcoholic parents. One can also contact Alcoholics Anonymous, which is an institution that supports a good cause. Many doctors also prescribe medications for people who are addicted to alcohol.

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