Parenting Advice:Blended Families

Children who live in a blended family may not find things as easy as other children. It becomes quite difficult to discipline children, especially when they have to obey the other set of parents as well.

Disciplining Children in a Blended Family

Disciplining a child in a blended family can be a difficult task. There can be many reasons for a blended family to come into existence, like separation or a death. These can be a few things that can affect a child’s behaviors.
A new family would mean new rules and regulations. In such cases, children don’t have a choice. They have to accept what’s before them. Parents need to understand their children and do the best they can to make them feel comfortable.

Behavior Problems

When a new family is formed, there are new problems that arise. A child seeing new changes around starts misbehaving. When a parent has to discipline a child, it has to be done by the birth parent only so the child better understands it.  A few ways of disciplining a child are:

  • Do not should favoritism, as children are very sensitive to it.
  • Parents should be together, as this sets the example that adults can also be united in difficult situations.
  • As a parent, you need to be very patient. This is because children take a lot of time to adjust to new surroundings.
  • Make rules that apply to everyone in the household, and make sure they all follow them.
  • Parents should spend quality time with their children so that kids know that parents still care for them.

Be Patient

Try and be as patient as possible. A child would keep reminding you that you are not his/her actual parent. You can acknowledge what the child says, but also let the child know that rules are for everyone. Don’t lose your cool and understand the child.

Don’t Take It to Heart

It’s very common to see a child misbehaving because of a family splitting. Children don’t show any respect towards their stepparents . Parent should not take it to heart. They must give time for the child to adjust to the new situation. As times passes by, a child eventually gets used to things. Don’t force things on the child; with time children learn to adapt to changes.

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