When and How to Set Limits for Teens

Every parent sets certain rules and regulations for their children. Good parenting involves guiding a child so that he/she can have a strong foundation and move in the right direction. As kids grow up, parents should make them aware of their responsibilities. Open communication is very important between parents and teens. Below are a few guidelines on when and how to set limits for teens.

When and How to Set Limits for Teens

Be Reasonable

Teen usually like to do the opposite of what parents tell them. They want to see themselves as independent individuals. The problem is that most teens still lack a reasoning capacity and maturity. They want to achieve things in a short span without really understanding the consequences. It’s a big challenge for parents. In such cases, parents need to be very reasonable with whatever they say so that a teen understands and takes it seriously.

It’s Not about Setting a Mark

A parent being reasonable doesn’t mean to set a certain mark or to give ultimatums to a teen. Giving ultimatums to teens will only make things worse, and teens certainly would not want to follow all this. Parents should try not to set any such marks, as this would make matters worse. There are many parents who threaten their teens, telling them that they would not get any pocket money if they don’t go by the rules. Such things would only tempt a teen to find other options. Parents should avoid setting such rules as it would lead to further problems.

Give Valid Reasons for Rules

Teens would not understand things if they are not given a valid reason. If parents have an open communication with their teens, it would make things much easier. As a parent, let your teen know the positive and negative aspects of your limitations so they follow your rules. For example, if your teen wants to go for a party, ask him/her by what time would he/she come back. Give your advices and inputs. Be sure to share your feelings about the situation. This would give more space to a teen to reason out and consider what you said without going against it.

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